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16 March 2024 - Daily Current Affairs

Indian Navy Inaugurates Its First Independent Headquarters - Nausena Bhawan

Key Points:

  • The Indian Navy has a new, dedicated headquarters called Nausena Bhawan in Delhi Cantonment.

  • This marks a significant milestone as the Navy previously operated from 13 scattered locations.

  • The new facility is purpose-built for efficiency and sustainability.

Building Features:

  • Three wings spread across four stories.

  • Utilizes innovative construction technologies for energy and water conservation.

  • Includes solar generation systems and advanced building materials.

  • Comfortable work environment with a central HVAC system using advanced technology.

  • State-of-the-art integrated building management system for security and utilities.

  • Achieved Green Rating IV for sustainability.

Security Measures:

  • Three-tier security system with cutting-edge technology like:

  • Automatic vehicle underbelly scanning

  • Power fence

  • Facial recognition cameras

  • Bollards and vehicle stoppers

  • Access control system

  • Security cameras

2. Indian Army Inducts First Squadron for Apache Attack Helicopters

  • The Indian Army established its first unit for the new AH-64E Apache attack helicopters at Jodhpur.

  • This is the second attack helicopter type for the Army, following the indigenous Light Combat Helicopter (LCH).

  • The 451 Aviation Squadron will receive its first Apaches in May and July 2024.

  • India plans to procure a total of 39 Apaches, with 22 already inducted by the Indian Air Force.

Additional Points:

  • The Army is pushing for 11 more Apaches, but a study is underway to determine total needs.

  • To fill its attack helicopter gap, the Army also ordered 90 LCHs, with some already being inducted.

3. Neurological Conditions Now Leading Cause of Global Ill Health

A new study reveals neurological conditions, like strokes, migraines, and dementia, have surpassed heart disease as the biggest contributor to global ill health.

  • Key Findings:

  • Over 43% of people worldwide experienced a neurological condition in 2021.

  • Neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), a measure of healthy life lost.

  • Cases have increased by 59% since 1990, primarily due to population aging.

  • Impact:

  • Over 443 million years of healthy life were lost globally in 2021 due to these conditions.

  • When adjusted for population growth and aging, DALYs and deaths actually decreased by about a third.

Possible explanations for the rise:

  • The study suggests the increase is mainly due to the world's growing and aging population.

Indian Railways' Mega Terminal Initiative

Creating Multi-Modal Connectivity

  • Indian Railways plans to establish mega railway terminals in aspirational cities with over 10 lakh population.

  • The initiative aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Viksit Bharat' program, aimed at national development.

Expansion Plan

  • Railway Board communicates to Zonal Railways about extending the project to cities with substantial populations.

  • Shirish Kumar Sinha seeks suggestions for new locations or stations to be included in the project.

Focus on Passenger Experience Enhancement

  • Railway Ministry emphasizes improving passenger experience, particularly with the introduction of Vande Bharat Express trains.

  • Efforts include enhancing cleanliness of coaches and amenities on railway premises.

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Principal Chief Mechanical Engineers (PCMEs) instructed to closely monitor and sustain housekeeping and maintenance activities.

  • Focus on addressing issues such as brake binding, brake block jamming, and train parting to ensure operational efficiency and passenger safety.

Investigation and Remedial Measures

  • Railway Board urges PCMEs to conduct thorough investigations into incidents affecting train operations.

  • Remedial measures to be implemented in consultation with the Research Designs and Standards Organisation.

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