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Important Sociology Terms

  • Socialization: This is the process by which individuals learn the norms, values, and behaviors of their society. Socialization occurs through various agents, such as family, peers, media, education, and religion. Socialization shapes one’s identity, personality, and social roles.

  • Social Stratification: This is the hierarchical arrangement of social groups based on their access to resources, power, and status. Social stratification can be based on different criteria, such as class, caste, race, ethnicity, gender, and age. Social stratification creates social inequalities and affects one’s life chances and opportunities.

  • Social Movements: These are collective actions by groups of people who share a common goal or grievance and seek to bring about social change. Social movements can be classified into different types, such as reform, revolutionary, resistance, or expressive movements. Social movements can use various strategies and tactics, such as protests, petitions, lobbying, civil disobedience, or violence.

  • Sanskritization is a term in sociology that refers to the process of adopting the cultural traits of the higher castes, especially the Brahmins, by the lower castes or tribes in India. It is a way of seeking upward social mobility and status enhancement. Some examples of sanskritization are:

  • Adopting vegetarianism and abstaining from alcohol

  • Following the rituals and practices of the Brahmins, such as wearing the sacred thread, performing ceremonies, and worshipping their gods

  • Changing the names and surnames to sound more Sanskritized

  • Learning and using Sanskrit language and literature.

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Important Sociology Terms.

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