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Adjournment vs Adjournment Sine die vs Prorogation

Summary of Adjournment Sine Die and Prorogation:

Adjournment Sine Die:

  • Meaning: Terminates a session of Parliament for an indefinite period, with no fixed date for reconvening.

  • Authority: Presiding officer (Speaker or Chairman) has the power to declare it.

  • Comparison to Adjournment: Unlike regular adjournment, which sets a specific date for reassembly, adjournment sine die has no predetermined date.


  • Meaning: Formal ending of a parliamentary session by the President.

  • Timing: Usually occurs a few days after the House is adjourned sine die.

  • Authority: Exclusively lies with the President, who can also prorogue the House while it's still in session.

Key Points:

  • Both adjournment sine die and prorogation mark the end of a parliamentary session.

  • Adjournment sine die signifies the termination of Parliament's business for an indefinite period, while prorogation is a formal declaration by the President.

In simpler terms:

  • Think of adjournment sine die like taking a break from work with no set date to return.

  • Prorogation is like officially closing the office for a period of time.

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