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Key Issues for India at the WTO Ministerial Conference (MC13)

Key Issues for India at the WTO Ministerial Conference (MC13)

Food Security:

  • India seeks a permanent solution to public stockholding (PSH) of food grains for food security.

  • They oppose developed nations' objections to PSH programs claiming they distort global food prices.

  • India proposes amending the formula to calculate the food subsidy cap set by the WTO.

Joint Support Initiatives (JSIs) and Investment Facilitation:

  • India strongly opposes China-led efforts for an investment facilitation pact outside the WTO's mandate.

Agricultural Reforms:

  • India seeks to protect livelihoods of farmers and ensure equitable market access.

  • They oppose developed nations' push to reduce domestic support and increase market openness, citing substantial subsidies provided to their own farmers.

WTO Reforms:

  • India advocates for inclusive reforms considering developing countries' interests.

  • They oppose proposals for flexible negotiation processes, dropping consensus-based decision making, and integrating non-trade issues without consensus.

  • India supports reforms to improve the WTO's functioning while retaining key pillars like special treatment for developing nations and a fair dispute settlement mechanism.

Fisheries Subsidies:

  • India seeks a balanced approach based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

  • They advocate for allowing developing countries to subsidize fishing within their exclusive economic zones (EEZs) while urging developed nations to stop subsidizing fishing beyond EEZs.

E-commerce and Customs Duties:

  • India opposes the permanent extension of the moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions.

  • They aim to achieve termination of the moratorium at MC13.

Other Issues:

  • India maintains that labor and environment are non-trade issues and shouldn't be discussed at the WTO.

  • They oppose trade barriers like the EU's carbon tax and deforestation regulation, arguing that such issues belong in other forums.

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