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Haiti crisis Explained

Haiti in Crisis: A Perfect Storm of Violence, Poverty, and Political Turmoil

Years of simmering problems erupt in chaos

Haiti is on the brink of collapse. The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021 created a power vacuum, and the country has spiraled into violence, poverty, and political instability. Prime Minister Ariel Henry, facing widespread protests and a lack of control, has agreed to resign once a transitional government is formed.

Haiti Map

Why is Haiti in crisis?

  • Failed leadership: Elections haven't been held in eight years, and foreign intervention is blamed for supporting unpopular leaders.

  • Gang violence: Armed groups control large parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, leading to kidnappings, killings, and rapes.

  • Humanitarian catastrophe: Food shortages are worsening due to gang blockades, and thousands have fled the violence.

  • Natural disasters: Haiti hasn't fully recovered from the 2010 earthquake and continues to be struck by hurricanes and floods.

What's next for Haiti?

  • A foreign-backed transitional government is proposed, but Haitians want a solution led by their own people.

  • Deep poverty and hunger threaten the population.

  • The future remains uncertain with no clear path to stability.

Haiti crisis Explained

Haiti crisis Explained

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