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India - US Recent Ties

India-US Relations: A Year Later

Strong Foundation, Recent Hiccups

  • The India-US relationship has grown significantly in the past 25 years, with increased strategic cooperation and trust.

  • Areas of success include foundational agreements, military exercises, and shared concerns about China.

  • India’s increased engagement with the Quad (India, Australia, Japan and the U.S.) and the U.S.’s Indo-Paci•c strategy, and shared concerns over China’s aggression have brought Delhi and DC increasingly on the “same page”.

Challenges and Differences

  • Recent disagreements include India's response to the Ukraine war and its continued purchase of Russian oil.

  • The US's moral stance on conflicts like the Israel-Palestine issue creates friction.

  • Delays in high-level visits and diplomatic appointments have slowed progress.

  • The Pannun assassination plot in the US has caused tension and distrust.

Looking Ahead

  • An upcoming meeting between Biden and the new Indian PM is crucial to course correction.

  • The US government's lame-duck period and potential for a Trump presidency add uncertainty.

Overall, the India-US relationship has strong potential but faces challenges that require immediate attention.

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