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G&Y Editorial - Scaling up climate-resilient agriculture in South Asia

Climate Challenges in South Asia:

  • Changing climate affecting agriculture.

  • Almost 700 million affected by disasters.

  • Defined: Adversely - negatively.

Role of EAS:

EAS vital for climate-resilient agriculture.

Capacities need enhancement.

Defined: Capacities - abilities or skills.

South Asia's Vulnerability:

Home to vulnerable countries.

800 million at risk due to climate impacts.

Defined: Vulnerable - easily harmed.

IPCC Report Findings:

Predicts intense heatwaves.

Foresees varied precipitation.

Defined: Variability - changes.

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA):

Aims for higher production with reduced emissions.

Tailored to local contexts.

CSA Definition (FAO 2013):

FAO defines CSA as agriculture that sustains productivity, enhances resilience, and mitigates greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Aims to achieve national food security and development goals.

Adaptation to Context:

CSA not a uniform solution.

Context-specific, considering vulnerability, community risks, resource availability, and livelihood alternatives.

Challenges in Scaling Up CSA:

Lack of documentation.

Minimal research support.

Capacity gaps in EAS.

Addressing Capacity Gaps:

Center for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) recently developed a Training of Trainers Module on Enabling Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) for CSA for the Government of Odisha.

Continuous capacity upgradation needed.

In summary, climate challenges affect South Asian agriculture, requiring enhanced EAS support. Vulnerability and risks are high, necessitating tailored solutions like CSA. Challenges in scaling up CSA include research gaps and capacity issues, with ongoing efforts needed for improvement.

ScaliScaling up climate-resilient agriculture in South Asiang up climate-resilient agriculture in South Asia

Scaling up climate-resilient agriculture in South Asia

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